The 100th Day of School



    Kindergarten and first grade students love counting the days of school.  The 100th day of school is a fun celebration and a great way to incorporate a wide variety of hands-on math activities, develop critical thinking skills, and teach children that learning is fun!  Here is a collection of some of my favorite activities.  If you have some wonderful ideas that you would like to share with us, please email me!


When I am 100 years old...

Have each child create a self-portrait of what he thinks he will look like when he is 100 years old.  Then, have each child write about what he thinks he will do when he is 100.  Bind these into a class book or display them on a bulletin board.   It is also fun to put out a variety of art supplies for the self-portraits and make them into collages.


I could eat 100...

Have each child complete this sentence and illustrate it.  This makes a cute class book and is great for morning work on the 100th day of school.




100th Day Necklaces

Use multi-colored yarn and fruit loops for making necklaces.  I put out special counting mats for this project.  Children can choose to count out 5 groups of 20 fruit loops or 10 groups of 10.


100 Spots on a Dalmation Puppy

Enlarge a picture of a puppy from a coloring book or clip art collection.  I make my puppy fit on  11x17" paper.  Put out black markers and allow each child to add 100 spots.  This would make a great collaborative group project as well as ease counting headaches!


Share Collections of 100

Invite each child to bring in a collection of 100 identical items such as paperclips, marbles, jelly beans, pennies, milk caps, noodles, etc.  Have them sent to school in ten ziploc baggies of ten items each.  Then, use a balance to weigh a bag of various collections and find out who had the heaviest item and who had the lightest.  Working as a group you can sequence the collections in order from heaviest to lightest.


Make 100th Day Snack Mix

Provide 5 different snacks.  Invite each student to decorate a lunch sack.  Then, each child can have 20 pieces of each snack item.  Of course you can have 10 different items and allow each child to place 10 pieces of each item in his bag.  Some favorite snack mix items include:


pretzels or pretzel sticks




chocolate chips

Chex cereal

Honey Comb cereal

Fruit loops cereal

sunflower seeds



Is 100 seconds a long time?

Conduct some experiments to find out if 100 seconds is a long time to be quiet, run in place, take a drink of water, write in your journals, etc.  Post the results of your experiments on a bulletin board!



Read 100 words!

Write 100 words on index cards and have the children read them.  I always include the children's names, days of the week, words we use everyday, and the last cards are sequenced in this order:

we just read one hundred words

I also type up these words to send home in their folders.  The children are always amazed that they can read 100 words!


100th Day Snacks

Make 100

You will need:

1 mini bagel for each child

Cream cheese or Frosting

Rainbow Sprinkles

Chocolate wafer cookies (The skinny, tall, rectangular- shaped ones!)

   Give each child a plate with a wafer and  a bagel (not separated) and ask them to make 100.  Then, allow them to spread cream cheese on their bagels and add sprinkles.  Eat!


!00th Day Cake  by Jan Sweda

Bring in a plain, iced cake.  Divide the cake into ten sections using frosting.  Have the children help put 100 m&m's on the cake by placing ten candies in each section!


What would you buy with $100

This is a great activity for older children.  To adapt this activity to first grade, send it home as a family project.  Give each child a gift certificate for $100 imaginary dollars.  Have the child cut out pictures of toys or other items they would buy with the money.


100th Day Crowns

Make your own 100th Day Crowns by using a die-cut machine to cut out 100. Then, staple or glue the numbers to sentence strips or construction paper.  Children can add designs using stamps or markers.  How about adding 100 star stickers?!


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