Mrs. McDowell's Beehive

I have received many emails from teachers asking about how I built the hive.  So, I decided to create a page dedicated to the famous hive!

Bees have been a part of my classroom since I first started teaching.  I love the concept of "busy bees" because classrooms are filled with hardworking students and always seem to "buzz" with excitement and learning.  The reading center can set the tone for your classroom.  I remember that my second grade teacher had an old fashioned bathtub and it was such a memorable and exciting way to read in the classroom. 

 I wanted to create a beehive for my reading corner and spent an entire summer searching for something "hive" shaped.  I looked everywhere and checked every summer or beach oriented section of every store I could think of.  I had pretty much given up, when I went to Eckerd's to pick up a prescription during in-service week.  As I left the store, something caught my eye.  On summer clearance, I saw a kiddie sand/pool with a gazebo top.  I immediately walked back in the store and purchased it.  I took it back to my classroom and began assembling it.

These are the metal poles that make the frame for the hive.  They were challenging to put together, but I was determined!


The kiddie pool is just a plastic liner that slid on to more metal poles.  The gazebo came with the multi-colored top and I put it on to see what it would look like. 


My body pillows fit perfectly into the kiddie pool and I knew it would be roomy enough for 4 kids.



I momentarily considered changing to a circus theme as I continued arranging my room around the hive to be! 



My mom helped me cover the metal frame.  I wanted it to be easy and durable.  I found the yellow material at Joann's Fabrics.  It is a honeycomb material that is rubbery and very durable.  It is actually the material that is placed underneath rugs to stop them from slipping.  I decorated the top with tulle and sunflowers and placed my bee puppet on top. Here is a picture of the inside of the hive.  I have two large body pillows and several smaller ones.  I was worried that the kiddie pool would rip.  However, it is strong and the kids took excellent care of the hive.





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