Monthly Homework Calendars

    Each month an activity calendar will be placed in your child’s B.E.E. Book in the "Newsletters and Calendars" section.  These activities cover a wide variety of skills and concepts introduced and reinforced during the first grade year as well as many important seasonal and holiday themes.  Some of the activities are as simple as counting by fives or practicing letter formation, while others require more creative thinking and energy.  For example, the activity might suggest building a birdhouse, writing a letter to a special person, or baking a cake.

 I encourage you and your child to complete at least two or three activities of your choice each week.  Teacher recommended activities will have a star.  On the back of the calendar is a reflection section.  Please take time to talk with your child about your experiences and new discoveries.  The parent reflection section will provide you with a deeper insight into who your child is as a learner.  Students who complete at least ten activities as well as the reflection section will receive an award at the end of the month.   I feel these activities encourage successful and fun learning at home.  They are a wonderful way of extending and enriching your child's school experience.  Teaching children that learning at home can be fun can help make homework less of a chore in years to come.  Have fun learning together!